Zambia: The friendly destination
Zambia, ‘the warm heart of Africa’, has so much to offer. Acknowledged as one of the safest countries in Africa to visit as a tourist, here you will experience some of the finest safaris. Why not combine a visit to the stunning Victoria Falls with an authentic safari in the pure wilderness of the Kafue National Park, one of the biggest national parks in the world, with the greatest diversity of game and birds. In the proximity of Mukambi, as the gateway to the Kafue, elephants, lions, cheetahs and leopards are often sighted and packs of wild dogs also roam around.

Kafue National Park is Zambia’s largest National Park and the 2nd largest in the world. It covers an area of over 22,500 square kilometers in Western Zambia. (about the size of Wales). Although it is Zambia’s oldest Park it is still relatively undeveloped and always gives a feeling of true wilderness.

The Kafue Park used to be one of the most famous national parks back in the early days of safaris, up until the 1980’s. Since 2000, after 2 decades of neglect and poaching, it has steadily regained its former reputation, and rightfully so. 10 years later, after a lot of hard work, the introduction of low impact tourism and a close cooperation with the Zambia Wildlife Authority, Kafue National Park has truly revived and transformed into one of the most beautiful parks, teeming with wildlife. Mukambi Safari Lodge proudly serves as your gateway to the Kafue National Park!

The breeding herds of elephant have settled down and the large predators are back in numbers. Among them several prides of lion, cheetah and leopard. Also packs of the endangered wild dog regularly pay a visit. Other animals that you are likely to encounter are buffalo, zebra, hippo and various antelope species like impala, puku, sable, hartebeest, bushbuck, roan and waterbuck.
The diversity of habitat makes Kafue National Park also one of the best locations in Africa for birding. The Kafue River, wetlands, savannah and woodland boast an impressive 478 of Zambia’s 733-recorded bird species. Among them African Wattled and Crowned Crane, Fish Eagle, Woolly-Necked Stork, Saddle Billed Stork, Goliath Heron, Ground Hornbill, African Fin Foot, Pel’s Owl, Purple-Crested Lourie and Chaplin’s Barbet amongst others.

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